Maldives: Day6~8 – Gulhi

Simple life. Simple happiness.


The last stop for this trip is another local island called Gulhi. Compared to Maafushi, the island is smaller, less visitors, and people live a more simple life here.

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Maldives: Day5 – AnantaraVeli Resort

So good to be alive…

I had a really hard time choosing among all those gorgeous resorts in Maldives. So simply I listed what I expect, then I search for the one that best matches.

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Maldives: Day2~4 – Maafushi (2) In the Ocean

“Pearl necklace in the Indian Ocean”

You haven’t been to Maldives without joining one of their amazing packages!

The incredible underwater beauty is what makes Maldives so special. In Kaani Village and Spa the hotel staff introduced us some of their package tours. We also got a fair discount by joining multiple tours. And here are the most popular ones.

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Maldives: Day1- Malé

Live a Maldivian’s day

To be honest, Malé is an optional place for visitors who don’t really have much time. There is not much to see in Malé, and I don’t really see tourists staying overnight here. Even the hotels are mostly for business purposes.

However, I think every visitors shall not misunderstand that “Maldivians’ life is all about water sports and relax.” And that’s why I spent some time here in Malé.

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Maldives: Intro

How they called it “summer paradise”

So, welcome my first post! Here I’m going to share some of my travel experiences recently, and Maldives will be the first of them.

I went to Maldives from 22-29 Jun, 2019. In this article, I’m going to tell you some basic knowledge you have to know before traveling to Maldives. Just for you to know since this is a travel blog, I’m not sharing lots of textbook knowledge here. You can always find all those details on wikipedia.

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